September 30, 2009

What Do I Think?

It isn’t every day that your favorite person, famous or not, asks you for advice. Or is it? What if someone you really admire, or an organization that you absolutely love, or someone really important that you would least expect it to come from, asks you what you think? Would you be ready?

For me I really admire the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama, absolutely love the United Nations and Peace Corps, and would least expect my supervisors at work to ask me what I think or what advice I could give to them. In the last month, 3 out of the 5 thought to ask my opinion (directly or indirectly) and I have been very excited and nervous to give it to them. My Peace Corps headquarters asked me a few weeks ago to write an introductory note to incoming Volunteers that will arrive next year, the United Nations just opened up a video contest to share advice with world leaders and my new Hospital Director just came to me today and said, “Could you please help me, I would like your advice on how to become a better leader?” No one of these tasks is something I take lightly, I care about each one deeply and want to do my very best so I am taking plenty of time to think them over. And just for the record, Dalai Lama and Barack Obama, if you guys want to join in don't worry, I have time for you too. Just saying…